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Using your geospatial data shouldn’t be hard, expensive or tedious!

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As we have watched the technological revolution disrupt the way businesses operate. We have noticed that large quantity of data are being generated. Big Tech and subsidiaries are emerging as the de-facto data aggregators, but their scale and driving forces cause a disconnect from the people on the ground. Tools and features are locked in complexity, be it pricing, convoluted interfaces, or restrictive licensing. If you want it done right do it yourself.
Our goal is to bootstrap tools that empower your company, unlock data, and create value.

When friends and family ask. What do you do at work, I mean, I know what you do but I can’t explain it to my friends. We often say, just tell them I make maps, like google maps.

Now that’s a huge oversimplification, but, that’s the nature of the geospatial industry, it’s complex and most people don’t really understand it.

This is a problem which has bothered us for a very long time.

Using geospatial data shouldn’t be hard, expensive or tedious, but there is a huge barrier to access including expensive software, restrictive licensing and big data. By big data I mean big enough to be annoying, like you can’t just email it.

Our mission is to break down these barriers and empower data access for ALL users. For people like you!

The industry is exploding! A huge volume of geospatial data flows through the market. While new sensors and feature extraction algorithms are hitting the market daily data delivery seams to be stuck in 2020.

VGeo specializes in building cloud first geospatial data applications. Our ENDpoint products let the tech do the heavy lifting so that YOU don't have to!

Get the answers you need without barriers.

Access, manage and share your data any time from anywhere, with a few simple clicks. Using geospatial data should be trivial, cheap, and fun, that’s why we build the solutions which break down technology barriers and empower your entire organization to use geospatial data. This is the future we see for your organization, and it gives us great satisfaction to provide you with new, innovative solutions to your geospatial data problems. Join us today and have your business cases directly drive development. Buy In Now For Profit. Simply advance your delivery to the next level.

How It Works

ENDpoint Enterprise is a fully featured alternative to off the shelf enterprise GIS solutions. Most users access the application from a user friendly web front end, accessibel any time from anywhere.
Your technical users, like GIS staff have the option to access everything directly from the database or the WMS service, just like they always have.


Your Features Your Data

ENDpoint Enterprise is a modular system which we configure specifically to your needs using your data. Using our extensive libraries for web mapping features you get a fully featured web map based solution in a fraction of the time!

Save Up To 80% Off An In House Build

Dedicated Team

Join the Family!

When you join ENDpoint you are not just buying a generic solution, you are buying us! We support all our clients on an ongoing basis. It's like adding an in house development team to your organization, at a fraction of the cost!

Your Dedicated Development Team


Zero IT Overhead

The application is hosted on our secure server ecosystem and supported through a hosting and maintenance subscription.

One convenient, consistent, risk free monthly bill

Premium Support

When you talk, we listen

When you work with us you matter. Work directly with the founders and get real support from real people. Support is not an add on, it is always included.

Don't Be A Number

Endlessly Extendable

All The Benefits Of Custom Dev

ENDpoint is supported by an active development team. If we don't have a tool or feature you need, we will build it for you! With ENDpoint you get 100% of your needs meet, never worry about getting stuck with 90% of the features you need!

A fraction of the cost!

Transparent Billing

Guaranteed Quotes

We prefer to charge for real things that actually increase our back end costs. We strive to be completely transparent about our pricing, and we keep those prices low, because using your geospatial data should not be expensive.

NO user based pricing

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Most Loved Modules

GIS Assistant

Answer basic GIS questions

Our GIS Assistant module features over 300 base data layers, 6 base map options, standard tools like query, annotate, search, print and measure, and more! When you work with us you matter. Enable ALL your users to answer simple GIS questions and free up your GIS staff to perform more advanced task.

Empower ALL your users!

Asset Management

Maps Tables and Documents Integrated

Our asset management solutions solve the classic problem of the map, spreadsheet and folder full of files. Access ALL your information any time from any where from one easy to use web app. Spend more time looking AT your data instead of FOR your data and never wonder where the latest version is again! It doesn't get much more convenient than that!

Always Current, Always Available

Data Delivery

View From Web Or Download

Allows your client or department to preview all their data including Ortho Imagery, 3D Point Clouds, 360 photos and much more! Eliminate 80% of the need for raw data downloads and save time by never having to recreate the data share link again! The data delivery module is popular by small area surveyors whom deliver special data packages to their clients.

Supports Ortho Imagery, 3D Point Clouds and more!

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How People Use It . . .

What is really the constraint? Is it the quantity of resources? No. It's not the quantity of resources, it's... Do they have the quality?

Is there a small very talented dedicated team
that's willing to take the risk
and make something happen?

That's the scarce commodity, not money"

Elon Musk YouTube
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The Founding Team

A small very talented, dedicated team which is willing to take the risk and make something happen.

Vera Green

Systems Specialist

Vera is an accomplished GIS Specialist with over 20 years of experience creating and managing geospatial systems. Her current role focuses on business development and client relations, however Vera still acts as the teams DBA and configures the back end GIS stack.

Kier Lindsay

Full Stack Developer &
Linux System Guru.

Kier is an exceptionally talented full stack developer. With over 14 years of Linux system administration and development experience Kier leads the development strategy, mentors junior developers, and ensures clean and organized back end code. Kier excels at integrating open source libraries into a cohesive structure.

Let's build something awesome together!

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